Turn Your Lead & Customer Database Into Appointments

PrimeStreet AI's leading technology engages with your database of stale, potential and PAST customers to find opportunities ready to meet with an agent.

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PrimeStreet AI blends the power of AI and real HUMAN support to target lead databases. Our AI, IRIS (Intelligent Referral Identification System), analyzes your database of stale, potential and PAST customers to determine who to engage, when, and with what content. This AI and human combo also works with brand new leads, and you can utilize PrimeStreet's US-based call center & AI to handle your customer service and customer interviews.

Lead Conversion, But Better

PrimeStreet's AI, IRIS, has been tested on millions of customer interactions to know when to engage and what to say

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Calls during legal calling hours and interacts by text response overnight

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PrimeStreet attempts to text & call every lead your company generates. IRIS steps in if HUMANs can't contact

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Our average response time for incoming leads is less than 10 seconds

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Your leads are nurtured through AI & human touch for up to 12 months

Benefits for Your Real Estate Brokerage

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Precise Targeting of Prospects

PrimeStreet's AI, IRIS, zeroes in on the most transaction-ready prospects for introduction to your agents while nurturing all leads.

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Seamlessly Integrated Human Support

PrimeStreet AI pairs data-driven AI to scan through leads & find potential customers. Once someone says they're ready, HUMANs step in for the interview & live handoff, increasing conversion.

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Smart Matching Algorithm

The PrimeStreet AI matching algorithm ensures we're pairing the new customer with an agent most who has the most experience with what the client is looking for.

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Improved Lead Conversion Process

PrimeStreet AI's HUMANS do the heavy lifting of qualifying and setting appointments with your leads, freeing up your agents' time to focus on closing deals.

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Intuitive Broker Dashboard

Our broker dashboard keeps you updated throughout every stage of the customer journey. Clear, actionable insights give you real-time information about each lead's progress and an overview of agent & lead source performance.

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Agent Support

PrimeStreet's dedicated Support staff is assigned to each of our partners to help with things like best practices, agent training & ongoing coaching. We've partnered with Rialto to ensure we provide best-in-class training for all PrimeStreet users.

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