Brokers and Agents

Real estate brokers and agents are in the “people” business, and the software you use are tools of your trade. That’s why we created Primestreet - to connect you with the people ready for your services at just the right time. Buyers that are ready so that you can do what you do best, without the worry of tracking down your next lead.

You’ve used many of the tactics your competition is using - from email to social media and sales calls. Maybe you’ve gone outside the box to develop partnerships with hospitals and new businesses in the area that are relocating workers. Now you can add to your suite of offerings of your brokerage as you offer the best lead gen for realtors.

Overcoming Lead Generation Competition: The Best Leads for Realtors

Spend more time with your clients and in the field while we find and nurture the best leads for realtors. Our team of real estate experts play a vital role in the development of our product that sources leads so that we can turn them into warm leads for you. Spend less time sourcing leads for your agents, while we solve these problems for you:

We understand the challenges you face, and we're here to be your partner in overcoming them. With our solutions, you can focus on what you do best, paving the way for your success.


The Best Lead Generator for Realtors

Your success hinges on your ability to grow and attract the best leads for your realtors. That’s why we put so much emphasis on personalization and customer experience. We are trusted partners with the brokerages we work with, and deliver results so they can focus on turning leads into happy customers.

Lead Sources

The best lead sources for realtors are not channel specific but rather in the relationship the lead has with the agency. From first touch (Primestreet) to closed-won, the relationship you develop will always deliver the best results. Here are some other lead sources you might try:

Regardless of what you use, relationships reign supreme. And that’s why we developed Primestreet. To deliver the best lead source for realtors we nurture our leads and when we hand them off to you, your offers become the main event of an experience they’re already enjoying.

Provide Great Service For Your Clients With Leads That Make a Difference

We have a shared goal - excellent service. We’re in the “people” business, which is why we have agent support and have integrated human support for our platform. Supporting all of these people-first operations are a combination of Ai and our Smart Matching Algorithm, helping you to make a difference with your leads. We’ve even have 4.9 stars on Google Reviews.

Seamlessly Integrated Human Support

Real estate is a people business. We help you do the people things that you’re good at, with the leads we send.

Overcome Lead Gen Fatigue

Say goodbye to the stress of lead generation. With PrimeStreet you’ll convert interest into closed-won transactions, spending more time with clients and less chasing leads.

End-to-End Support for Your Agents

Our support includes coaching for 7 days a week, a call center for your brokerage and an assist from Ai. Brokerages trust us for our hands-on, full service approach. Not just leads, but happy customers ready to buy - entirely supported by our staff.

Responsive Service, End-to-End Support for Brokers and Agents

We created support services for brokerages to provide coaching to your agents 7 days a week. We’ll share data insights about how you and your team are performing along with best practices for being successful with your leads.

With online training materials, webinars and dedicated support we also deliver personalized implementations with their own account manager. Our training includes:

End Up at The Settlement Table - Lead Generator for Realtors

Warm lead handoffs are the key to ending up at the settlement table, making us the best lead generator for realtors. And that’s exactly what we deliver. One size does not fit all, nor should it. Each lead is given the time and attention they need, queuing them up for the brokers and agents that trust us to deliver.

Best lead generation for realtors

Using buyer or seller intent to deliver the best lead generation for realtors is what we do best. Here are some intent signals we look for when deciding when to handoff a lead to you:

We nurture the lead from the beginning, and when they raise a buying signal we are able to expertly match them with an agent that meets their needs. During the nurturing phase we ask questions, determine how qualified they are, and are continuously engaged with them throughout the process.

And you won’t waste your time waiting for their lease to expire, get their credit in order, or save for a down payment. We’ll keep them in a nurturing cycle until they’re ready and willing to buy or sell today.


Lead Gen for Realtors: How We’re Helping You Grow Your Brokerage

The real estate business hasn’t changed, but how you do lead gen for realtors just did. Effective sourcing and management are the keys to staying ahead of the curve. At Primestreet, we've made it our mission to be your ally in navigating this competitive industry.

Drawing from our deep-rooted understanding of the unique challenges brokers and agents face, we've carefully developed solutions tailored to drive your business forward. With PrimeStreet by your side, you'll have the tools and support you need to take your real estate endeavors to new heights.

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