Real Estate Brokerage Software

Lead generation, qualification and conversion just got better with our AI assisted real estate brokerage software, PrimeStreet Referrals. Agents are at their best when in the field, not tracking down unresponsive internet leads. Our brokerage software for leads handles all of the boring - and time consuming - follow-up, nurturing, appointment setting, and pre-qualified response, so when they’re ready to transact the agent called on to close.

Is this the future of lead gen? We think so, but that doesn’t mean your job or skills have to change. Quite the contrary - our goal is to keep you in the field with clients and at the closing table. We’ll screen the leads & set the appointments, all you have to do is show up.

Residential Real Estate Brokerage Software That Delivers Leads

In a sense, our platform delivers as a full service concierge; residential real estate brokerage software that not only produces leads, but acts as your brokerage’s very own call center staff of customer support representatives. Pairing our AI with our algorithmic technology ensures that we deliver the best referrals with the best customer experience.

We create a steady stream of prospects tailored to your specific niche and market. You’ll experience unrivaled scalability with our real estate brokerage software for leads, whether you’re a solo real estate agent or run a large brokerage. Our platform has customizable features and accommodates your unique business needs so that you can grow your business with the confidence of an entire team of experts working on your behalf.

Transform your Business With Our Real Estate Brokerage Software

Lead generation in a box. From sourcing to qualification, nurturing and conversion - all you’ve got to do is take over at warm handoff, delivering in the field and at the closing table.

Scalable and Customizable Solution

Are you ready to grow? Instantly add a full call center, lead nurturing system and Ai assistant to your entire brokerage. Grow your pipeline so your real estate agents have the prospects they need, or expand it for new agents.

Our customizable features cater to your unique needs, delivering unrivaled support to your brokerage.

AI For Real Estate Leads

We leverage algorithms for matching and AI for real estate leads with our IRIS and PrimeStreet Referrals programs. This guarantees that prospects work with the best possible local agent for them, and allows us to optimize our efforts on your behalf. Our AI delivers the right message to leads, at the right time, delivering transaction-ready referrals to your agents.

We’ve found that fast follow-up is as important as anything else, that’s why our call center is open for 14+ hours per day, 360 days a year. If leads come in overnight, PrimeStreet AI will step in and set up a call for the next day. Our team is trained to identify high quality referrals and live-transfer them to your agents after the face-to-face appointment has been set with the client. 

Our use of Ai in lead gen allows agents to personalize recommendations and advice to their leads, whether that’s finding the perfect neighborhood, locating properties that match their criteria, or offering insight into market trends. Our Ai empowers agents to deliver a superior level of service than the competition.

Ai also analyzes feedback from agents and leads while monitoring market trends on our platform so that our technology is up-to-date. You’ll not have to worry about updating your market reports or annual forecasts anymore because our technology does that for you.

Our Call Center is Your Referral Center For Your Brokerage

24/7 availability for your leads, professional call handling, and customizable scripts and messaging. All while handling appointment setting, reporting and feedback. We’ve found that fast follow-up is as important as anything else, that’s why our call center is open 360 days a year and trained to deliver for your prospects.

Every brokerage is unique, which is why all scripts are customizable and the messaging can be aligned with your brand and communication style. Formal or casual - you decide! We can also match your brokerage’s personality, values, and mission to deliver a consistent and cohesive brand experience for your prospects.

Benefits of Our Brokerage Software

PrimeStreet AI loads your customer pipeline with leads ready to buy or sell, so that you can build relationships with them in the field. By having IRIS and our call center nurturing your leads, we ensure with all of our partners that the leads we deliver them are transaction-ready. Here are some more of the benefits of our brokerage software:

Dedicated Support and Training

Your brokerage will have their very own account manager and regular meetings - either weekly or monthly, whatever you need. Our brokerages love our support and training, and here’s why:

The Best Real Estate Brokerage Software? They Think So:

Don’t just take our word for it - better understand why real estate professionals across the industry are raving about our brokerage software. We have 4.9 stars on Google, from nearly 500 people! Our platform, and service have earned the reputation we have as the best in the business.