Leads For Real Estate

Welcome to the leads page, where we’re talking all things real estate leads! Our enthusiasm for our realtor partners and the leads we bring them are what make this such a fun topic for us to talk about. We want to share opportunities with all real estate professionals - from the brokers in charge to the agents that make up a brokerage.

From acquisition to the nurturing cycle, we do things a little differently around here, because we use AI and a matching algorithm to pair leads with the best agent for them.

How to Get Leads for Real Estate

In our experience with lead gen for real estate, we’ve found that the agent’s time is best spent in the field. But before you get there, the prospect has to be acquired, qualified, and verified. The highest ROI is delivered when agents are closing deals and working with qualified customers. Some of the time-tested strategies for acquisition are:

All of that adds up to a full marketing approach. We have an entire marketing team, as well as a 24/7 contact center to build, grow and maintain marketing efforts with leads. And that’s why brokerages love working with us for their lead acquisition.


Our Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate Agents

As we showed you above, it’s our expertise in lead acquisition, nurturing and handoff that’s made Primestreet possible. Here are some more lead generation ideas for real estate agents:

We’ve found that when you implement these types of more engaging marketing efforts, the value to your potential customer is unrivaled. But it all takes time and expertise on the platforms to standout in a crowded field. When you work with us to create and fill your pipeline, you can spend more time learning and leveraging marketing channels that fit you and your skills.

Lead Generation For Real Estate - The IRIS Method

The IRIS method for real estate lead generation is a combination of our team’s years of expertise paired with AI and algorithmic matching. Every lead is screened and tailor matched with the agent’s specific criteria and preferences. The agents who work with us know that every lead is transaction-ready and primed for success. Here’s what you can expect from IRIS:


PrimeStreet blends the power of AI & human touch

We’ve combined cutting edge technology with real estate expertise at PrimeStreet. We specialize in delivering high quality leads that ensures you connect with clients ready to make a move.

Why Choose Us?

The IRIS Method

Focus on the Closing Table

Leave the lead generation to us. You can dedicate more time to providing exceptional service, in the field and closing deals. Partner with PrimeStreet - we’ll help your real estate brokerage thrive.

We Help You Get to The Settlement Table

Speaking of the settlement table - that’s where we want you to be. Let us handle all the marketing, acquisition and nurturing. You do what you do best - providing excellent service and closing at the settlement table. 

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